AfroPink® is a breast cancer awareness organization dedicated to:

1. Dispelling myths of breast cancer within the Afro-American Community.

2. Encouraging preventative health care for early detection.

3. Informing of resources available for screenings and other preventative health care support

Our Approach

We Curate Events to Spread Awareness of Breast Cancer

Due to the Covid19, our initial approach will be to hold virtual events for awareness, which will assist in raising funds via the donation page and proceeds from products sold from our shop. We will also continuously update our site while recruiting volunteers and partners. 

Virtual events will be held on Instagram, Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube, and these events will consist of topics such as mastectomy awareness & support, general breast cancer awareness & support, panels with other survivors, health care professionals, and many more.

Donations will be used for operational purposes, which are to support events, the website, the organization, and for providing resources when possible. We will also seek out and apply for grants.

Volunteers will be recruited to help with running the organization in various positions, and they will be posted on the site.  

We will seek partners and sponsors with similar interest that will help with additional outreach and provision of services and/or products to assist with our cause.

The site will be updated as new resources are available, and the information will be sent to our followers via our social media outlets and notification preferences, or their registered email.


— Our Mission

To dispel common myths of breast cancer, encourage preventative healthcare, and inform everyone about the resources for screening within the Afro-American community.


— Our Vision

To help people of color become more aware of breast cancer, and to inspire them to carry out the necessary preventative healthcare measures to know their overall health status.


— Our Story

AfroPink® was founded out of a need to help people of color become more aware of breast cancer, and how it is killing black women and men more than any other race. The higher rate of death is most likely attributed to the lack of preventative healthcare, which leads to a late stage diagnosis of breast cancer and lower chances of survival. As a result, AfroPink® aims to spread the word in communities of color by providing facts and dispelling myths, encouraging preventative healthcare to detect breast cancer as early as possible, and to inform everyone about the resources available to assist with providing breast cancer facts, means to help with cancer screenings, and many more.