— Awareness Campaigns

We raise awareness of Breast Cancer via virtual events, social media campaigns, and AfroPink.org.


— Partners

We partner with organizations and companies that have similar interests with us to provide products and services, sponsor events, and more.


— Resources

We provide resources and links to other sites and organizations for more information on breast cancer, support services, and general healthcare.


— Events

When possible, we will have community events/fairs focused on fundraising, specific breast cancer topics, survivor panelists, and healthcare professionals. During the pandemic, all events will be virtual.


— Recruit volunteers

We recruit volunteers that show interest in charity work to help with operational functions of AfroPink®, support events, recruit sponsors and partners, and many more.


— Raise funds

We raise funds via grants, donations, and selling products in our shop.

What We Care About!

Dispelling Myths about Breast Cancer

Unfortunately, misinformation has a high impact on our decisions regarding healthcare. Therefore, our aim is to end myths about breast cancer in our community.

Preventative Healthcare

We want to encourage and stress the necessity of preventative healthcare measures such as monthly Breast Self Exams (BSE), annual mammograms, and annual physicals.

Mastectomy Support

Mastectomies are life changing for women. We are set to provide tips and support before, during, and after a mastectomy.

Mammograms and Other Screenings

We are oriented to find ways to assist with Mammograms and screenings such as genetic testing for people of color that do not have health insurance.

Support for our Breast Cancer Warriors

We provide resources to support Breast Cancer patients during their battle.

Fertility Options for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Family planning is important and when you are stricken with cancer, you must consider your fertility options.